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We Buy Used Cars For Cash

Get Cash for Your Clunker!

Our Company Policy

We began our cash for cars company to help customers sell their old used cars for a nice profit. Our company is dedicated to providing a service that allows customers to relax at their own homes while we come to them to do business. We know that it can be a huge hassle trying to sell your used car yourself, so we take away the annoyance of having to advertise and meet strangers from the newspaper or Internet. You’ll get the best possible price for your vehicle when you call us today.

Cash for Your Car

We give cash for junk cars in Clovis. It’s hard enough to sell your junked car to begin with, so we do what is best for you and give you cold hard cash for your clunker. Some companies still prefer writing out a check for your old car, but we don’t. You’ll get cash the very same day that we take your vehicle. There is no waiting or worrying for your money with our reliable company.

No Hassle Deals

Never wait on the folks who say they will show up and then keep you hanging. We will get to your house usually the very same day that you call us. We make every effort to buy your junk car from you quickly. We also buy any type of car, no matter what kind of condition it is in when you call us. If it isn’t running, we will still buy it. Our company will come out with a tow truck at no extra charge to you to take your vehicle away. We want your junk car whether it runs or not.

Best Service Around

Our workers are reliable and trustworthy and will give you the best price available for your junk car. You won’t get that when you mess with people from online or by putting an ad in your free local paper. Most people don’t want to pay a lot for a junked car, so you’ll be lucky to get enough for a tank of gas if you go that way. But our company will give you the most possible cash that we can.

Call us and we will come out to you and buy your car the very same day! You’ll have the cash you are looking for in no time when you use our reputable company.

(559) 205-7383
We Buy Used Cars For Cash